"Greg Cox is one of the most prolific, and successful, authors of media tie-in novels."
--Charlie Jane Anders,

"Cox writes with a very, easy accessible style, making his tie-in novels suitable for
almost any age. He shows a deep understanding of what he's writing about, a love for it
. . . and he's almost certainly one of the best tie-novelists out there."
--Wondrous Reads

The Librarians and the Lost Lamp

"Fans of the quirky TNT series
The Librarians will not be disappointed by this novel,
which captures the show's spirit of risk. VERDICT:  Daring, high-stakes action is in no
short supply as Cox brings his best in this tie-in novel that will please lovers of the
show and aficionados of fantasy adventure alike."
--Library Journal

Warehouse 13: A Touch of Fever

"Greg Cox, king of  the media tie-in, does a fine job of recreating the feel of the show . . .
I could practically hear the voices of the actors as I read."
--The MonsterLibrarian's Den

"A gripping novel that kept me on the edge of my seat. If you enjoy the TV show, you will
definitely enjoy this book!"
--Bitten By Books

Star Trek: Foul Deeds Will Rise

"A fun read, with plenty of action, suspense, and the high quality of storytelling we've
come to expect from Greg Cox."

Star Trek: The Rings of Time

"An outstandingly well-paced book that keeps you turning the pages with abandon."

Star Trek:  To Reign in Hell

"Greg Cox grabs your attention on the opening page and sets the stage for the
enthralling and tragic tale of Khan's years on Ceti Alpha V . . . a phenomenal story in
and of itself and an extraordinary conclusion to the saga of Khan Noonien Singh that
Cox began with
The Eugenics Wars."
--Jacqueline Bundy, Trek Nation

"As a third panel in a bright and intricately painted literary triptych,
To Reign in Hell is a
perfectly fulfilled and self-contained story.  Thumbs up all around, and five bright stars
for Trek's most compelling anti-hero."
--Kilian Melloy,

"Cox completes the painting he began in Eugenics Wars, giving us a Khan we can
admire and respect on one hand, and fear on the other . . . That new dimension only
contributes to the magnitude of Khan's personality, making him once again the premier
Trek villain of them all."

Star Trek: The Eugenics Wars

"Enough mystery, intrigue and humor to make this book successful with any reader who
enjoys stylized spy novel drama . . . Cox writes with great wit and an obvious love of Trek
lore, though his greatest accomplishment lies in the way he links together seemingly
unconnected 20th century events into a complex conspiracy that makes The X-Files
seem unsophisticated . . . a book worth reading more than once."
--Michelle Erica Green,

"The pace of the book is excellent and the clever, often sly and eminently readable story
finds time to credibly weave its excitement around several known historical figures and
events . . . This is several books in one, all of them good, and it left this reader waiting
eagerly for the next volume."

"History has been rewritten numerous times in the Star Trek Universe, but never as
brilliantly as in the incredible new novel from Greg Cox . . . Any fan of Star Trek should
be thoroughly entertained by this unbelievably clever retelling of Earth's modern history."
--The Trekker Newsletter

"A monumental piece of Treknography, combining history, drama, and audacious,
campy thrills . . . a furiously good read."

"Although there are several counterpoint stories threading through this narrative, the
focus is a gratifyingly complex Khan."
--TV Zone

"Cox is able to weave a great deal of wit into his prose, and his 'secret history' of the
'70s and '80s is engaging."

"Should appeal to non-Trek fans as well as the faithful."
--Science Fiction Chronicle

Star Trek:  The Eugenics Wars:  Volume Two

"A highly satisfying conclusion to Khan's story.  Cox has taken on a large task and done
it very well."
--TV Zone

"Eminently readable, featuring strong established characters and boasting plenty of
action and twists in the tale."

"Cox clearly loves the characters and the Star Trek universe, and he does an excellent
job of portraying events and people with just the right touch.  There is action, excitement
and plenty of humor.  The first of a projected trilogy, The Eugenics Wars will only whet
fans' appetite for what looks to be one of the very best sub-series written in the Star Trek
--Writers Write

"One of the most interesting additions to the expanded Star Trek saga."
--Science Fiction Chronicle

Star Trek:  Assignment: Eternity

"Cox's story runs gleefully away with the reader in grand TOS style . . . A smart, funny,
knowing story, and one well worth reading."
--TV Zone

"Has the feel of an affectionate tribute to the original series by someone who's not blind
to its faults, but manages to capture the special ingredients that made it unique.  The
scene where Spock mind-melds with Seven's scatty sidekick is one of the best things
I've read in a Trek novel for a long time."

"Cox has flawlessly captured the essences of all characters concerned . . . I could
scarcely put this down and always eagerly returned to it."

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Q-Space

"Easily Cox's best Trek work to date, and his handling of the Q is nearly as deft as Peter
David's . . . A promising start with an intriguing premise."

"A rousing read, with sizable dollops of humor mixed in with enough suspense to keep
you wondering what's to come."
--TV Zone

"Cox is an engaging and articulate storyteller, with a good ear for dialogue and better
understanding than most of what makes the characters tick."

Star Trek:  The Next Generation:  The Q Continuum:  Q-Zone

"Cox again deserves praise, this time for creating such a well-researched and
engaging depiction of the Star Trek universe's early days."

Star Trek:  The Next Generation:  The Q Continuum: Q-Strike

"Wraps up the Q Continuum Trilogy with panache."

"Whether you appreciate Cox's attempt to put the Continuum behind nearly every
'cosmic' even in Trek's history or not, you won't be able to put the book down."
-TV Zone